Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Channeling GG Allin

Been watching on YouTube Esther Hicks channeling Abraham and Ramtha/JZ Knight.

Channeling no longer seems new age and mystical to me. I think people do it all the time. If what we choose to be is a choice, then isn't that itself a means of channeling? If this world is merely a perception, then who we are is merely a perception.

"Reality is held together by the reality in the brain."

These ideas are truly revolutionary and outside the box, and even after all these years, these ideas are still being dismissed. But at the same time practiced by every human being. These "ideas" simply try to clarify what is true and what can begin expansion and joy and happiness. Even Oprah interviewed Esther Hicks channeling Abraham, and admitted that she chose to interview her on radio instead of TV because she believed that "the TV audience was not ready" for this.

Which means that the general public is still in a state of narrowmindedness or even closedmindedness. But why? Why not try to believe what these people are saying might be true and possible? At the very least it seems pretty trippy, an alternative to mind-altering drugs. I guess this is what they mean when they say "high on life."

So why at the same time have I been watching videos of GG Allin again? Seems strange that I am watching videos of the meaning of life and the universe at the same time as watching GG Allin defecating and smearing it on himself, and smashing beer cans and his mic against his head until he is bleeding profusely. What do these videos have in common? All these people live on the outskirts of life, outside the box. They live and search for an alternate way of living and meaning. And they all are regarded somewhat as messiahs.

Anyone could take heroin and bleed and shit and scream onstage. There are many people in this world who has lived in the extreme and have never been respected much less loved. So why GG Allin? Yes, he was at the right place at the right time. But believe it or not, he was channeling someone other than himself when he was onstage. He became someone else. He described his feeling a fire inside him so great that he has to release. And it's not the gross antics that get him noticed, it's the vibration, the energy behind it. He creates an aesthetic, and aura, he become living breathing raucous fire onstage. I guess it's like when you get mesmerized by fire. You can't help but stare at it. You could see his fire, and it was screaming and dancing, punching and pulling you in. Maybe even GG Allin didn't, because he was so intoxicated and high couldn't see the meaning and channeling behind what he was doing. He was channeling fire. He was channeling John Wayne Gacey and perhaps even Satan himself.