Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jade Doskow

Red Hook / Repurpose
Red Hook is a small, waterfront neighborhood in Brooklyn that I have lived in and photographed for the last ten years. I have spent these years studying the subtle changes in buildings, vacant lots, and warehouses brought about by weather, time, and light. These images have come to represent my search for a specific feeling of spiritual expansiveness through my photography, more than a document of a specific place. Seemingly disparate elements---vines, a fence, the silhouette of a building---are brought together to create a dialogue of form, color, and emotional charge. Light and time transform seemingly mundane places, creating a feeling of peace and visual infinity.

These are the ideas I have subconsciously been bringing into this body of work, in addition to the more obvious aspects of architectural transformation and repurposing and the fallen aspirations that some buildings come to represent. My work is an ongoing examination of the practical and spiritual life of architecture as well as a quest for a feeling of sublime tranquility within the busyness of the built environment.