Thursday, June 16, 2016

Creators and Consumers

I've been saying the past couple of months there are 2 types of people - consumers and creators. To my amazement I just read a book, The Tools, that states exactly that.

Here what it says with a little bit of my own words mixed in:

There are 2 types of people - the consumer and the creator.

The consumer is only interested in what he can get from the world, not what he might add to it. He jumps from thing to thing (manic), his energy diffused, and makes no impact on the world. When his time on earth is over, it's as if he never lived.

The creator sets to make an impact on the world. He doesn't accept the world as he finds it. He brings things into the world that aren't already there. He doesn't follow the herd and he sets his own course. He ignores the reactions of others. He resists superficial distractions and remains focused on his goals even if he has to sacrifice immediate gratifications. Any of us can live by this code but few of us do. It means putting your life at service of higher forces. These forces can't be found on the surface of life. They are found at its depths. The creator's energy must have the singular force of a drill breaking through stone into the great abyss. This abyss is also where enlightenment is. It is in the depths where we find the height of existence. As we go into the depths of darkness, we see the brightest light.

New ideas can't form until the old ones are destroyed. In this spiritual evolution, it is logical that we are experiencing such tragic events. I am hopeful and I believe that these events are the logical precursor to a new spiritual world.